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The M30 Automatic alarm dialler is used for the Automatic communication of information on:- Occurrences, Signals, Levels, Alarms, & Data; across the standard telephone & mobile phone network.

Below Are Some of the Features of the M30

  • Insurance Approved - The M30 Auto Dialer is fully insurance approved and recommended.
  • Inputs - The M30 automatic alarm dialer can accept up to 56 digital (switched) & 4 analogues (expandable).
  • Communication - The M30 can communicate with Pagers (Both Numeric and Alpha numeric) Telephones (land and mobile) and via computers.
  • Backup Communication - The M30 Auto Dialer can automatically switch from a land line to the GSM network when a fault is detected.
  • Real speech - Information is transmitted by the M30 Autodialler in high quality real speech (not synthesised) and data.
  • GSM - The M30 Auto Dialer can use the Mobile network to send alarms.
  • Remote Interrogation - Allows you to check the operation of the M30 Autodialler , the telephone lines as well as the alarm status.
  • Remote Control - Upto 16 Devices be controlled Via the M30 Autodialer either remotely via a telephone and a computer or automatically at designated times.
  • Call Back to Cancel - This is a fail-safe feature, the dialler will only stop communicating a problem when someone has acknowledged the problem.
  • Alarm Delays - Each input can have a specific delay, this is is to stop false alarms. e.g. Input 1 must have been active for 2 minutes before anyone is called.
  • Emergency Rosters - This allows Individual inputs to the dialler to dial specific people.
  • Battery Backup - The M30 will continue to operate for at least 12hrs with out power. Upgrades to allow longer times available.
  • Central Station - Allows multiple M30's to be monitored and information collated at a central point.
  • Analogue inputs - The M30 can also accept Analogue inputs.
  • Data Logging - Allows the M30 Autodialer to store Data from Digital and analogue inputs, this can be retrieved via voice or via a computer.
  • Menu driven - The M30 Autodialer is Fully menu driven allowing easy configuration without a large learning curve.
  • Self Diagnostics - Powerful and advanced processor and Millennium compliant.
  • Easy to Install and operate.

Question. What is an Autodialler ?

An Autodialler is a piece of equipment that can be connected to several external devices (e.g. Security panels, Temperature Sensors, Water Level monitors etc.), and dial-out to persons when a level or Alarm is reached. This could be as Real Speech, or to Pagers, Computers etc.

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