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We offer a wide range of portable multipurpose powder, halon, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in both stored pressure and cartridge pressure designs. The stored pressure extinguishers are supplied with an indicator gauge, allowing the operator to know the condition of the extinguisher.

All Extinguishers come with the British standards kite mark


Our Fire Panels comply with the requirements of BS 5839 and incorporate open/short circuit fault indication on each zone, and a true battery monitoring circuit.

They all come with very clear wiring instructions that are printed next to the terminals.


We supply and Install a wide variety of smoke detectors and Call Points.

All CALL POINTS are Plastic moulded and are suitable for surface or recess mounting. They come with a Special coating on the glass that prevents fragmentation, the glass is retained within the case when broken. They are easily tested by means of the probe provided.


Emergency lighting is provided for safety reasons and is designed to become operational when the mains supply fails, to enable the occupants of a building to leave in safety.

The lamp shown on the right is a high efficiency energy saving lamp designed to be wall or ceiling mounted, it also has a 3 hour Battery backup

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