We can suppy and install various Covert and Overt solutions to both deter and catch shop lifters.

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Cable Systems

Easy to use. . . simply attach one plug to the merchandise and the other plug on the end of the 5 or 8-foot coiled or straight cable. Apply plug to TV, VCR, telephone or other merchandise using the industrial high-strength adhesive. A special two-part Velcro pad is included to keep protection device close at hand for instant demonstration.

Merchandise Alarms

 It protects up to 20 garments. State of the art engineering extends the unit's battery life to up to 15+ months reducing labor/maintenance costs. It also features changeable keypad codes to protect against potential disgruntled ex-employees. A tamper switch prevents battery tampering, and the sensor's visual memory unit flashes until the problem has been identified and corrected.


Fit With CCTV Surveillance Cameras For the Ultimate in Security. Smartly designed theft deterrent can be strategically positioned and mounted with a camera or left empty. Shoplifters will never know which one is "live." Choose from clear to dark, each offering a full 360 field of view. Fits easily into all standard drop ceilings

Terminal Strips

Up to (12) SK-212ME Strips can be daisy chained together, offering an incredible 144 Sensor Ports for product protection. Terminal Sensor Ports have GREEN LED lights that flash to indicate tampered location. 6 Ft. of Round Flexible Cable with 8 Pin Connectors Requires NO 'Shunt Plugs' Uses any type of "LE" Sensor

Dome Mirrors

Money Rooms Convex Detection Mirrors are a retail store's first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. Each increases aisle visibility and eliminates blind spots. Also excellent as safety mirrors in preventing industrial intersection accidents.Mirrors are lightweight, fade-proof and unbreakable with top-quality silvering and near-perfect convexing which affords the widest angle of vision. Additional weatherproofing available for outdoor mirrors.

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