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Wireless Security Panel

8 separate channels.

On Board Keypad.

Panel can be set by the keypad or by remote fob unit.

Internal Sounder.

16 Million system Codes.

Wired Security Panel

Four to Thirty two separate channels

N/C Loops or resistive or biscuit

LED or LCD alarm display

Internal speaker

Battery Backup

All Channels fully programmable

Facility for up to six remote keypads

Strobe and bell output with bell stop timer

Passive Infra Red Detectors

Wide angle or 360 degree or long range

Passive Infra Red

Dual Technology (Passive infra red and microwave)

LED indication

Internal and external use

Bell Cover & Sounders

Various colours

110db sound output

Flashing strobe light (Various colours)

Plastic/Steel/Stainless Steel

Internal Cut-off timer

Anti-Tamper back and front

Complete with internal battery

External Security Lighting

External Passive Infra Red Detector

90 degrees. Range 15m


Variable Timer/Lux settings

Full Vertical and horizontal adjustment.

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